'Ere's Trotter

  • Dave 'Trotter' Eastman - the Author
  • Trotter Finishing a Triathlon in Cambridge Triathlon Club Kit
  • Trotter on the bike leg of a Triathlon

Book Credits for 'Ere Trotter Warts and All'

"This is the story of a man who will never say die. It is a down to earth no-holds-barred-account of the life of a man who experienced the ordinary problems of everyday life, but then the mother of them, which sets him apart from the rest of us.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson`s Disease, an incurable, progressive and degenerative neurological illness affecting the motor area of the brain. And yet he has continued to pursue and participate in Ironman competitons, run Marathons and generally try to live a very active life. Nominated by two local councils as Sportsperson of the year 2009, he is an icon and example to all of us who struggle with the smallest of life`s challenges.

This book will buoy your spirits and show you the spirit of a man who has lost everything (except the love of his family) but gained a level of commitment and passion that only those who have been there can fully understand"

(Martin Cragg, Publisher and Parkinsons Disease Society Trustee, 5th October 2009)